Welcome to St. Augustine’s, Marpole!

Proud to be a part of the Diocese of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada.

We acknowledge that our Church is on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam Nation and we give thanks.

We are a DSCF3793family of people who care for one another, and who meet together regularly to pray together in our 100+ year old church.

We have a long history of reaching out to people in our neighbourhood. Whether you are a hungry person looking for food, a parent looking to learn with your children, or a lonely individual looking for a loving community, you will be welcomed at St. Augustine’s.

Which St. Augustine?

St Augustine of Canterbury was a Roman Abbot who was sent to England by Pope Gregory the Great in 596. He was the first Archbishop of Canterbury given responsibility for converting the Anglo-Saxons. His goal was to become a normal part of the landscape. He didn’t go looking for converts, but anyone who wanted to join was welcome.

St. Augustine of Hippo lived in Africa in the 4th & 5th centuries. He is famous for his writings including the Confessions where he talks of his own conversion and the City of God, which is a treatise on how we can live together. His vision of the Holy Trinity is ‘Lover, Beloved, and Love’ and his teachings remind us that ‘if you understand it, it’s not God.’ We strive to continue exploring the Divine Mystery, and to always be surprised when we encounter the presence of God.

Though it seems likely that Augustine of Canterbury is the patron saint of our church, this has never been made clear, and we are reluctant to limit ourselves to just one story. In fact, we would love for you to come and tell us your story.

We invite you to come and surprise us with God in your life.